Since its inception in 2014, TASK has taken on the mandate of skilling the youth of the state and making them more employable. Being a dynamic organization that is sensitive to industry requirements, TASK is continuously evolving and bringing new programs with innovative pedagogies under its umbrella to address all the requirements of the 21st-century workplace.

In the modern VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world, the term “employability” has metamorphosed into a much broader entity encompassing technical expertise, critical thinking skills, adaptability, agility, collaborative approach, communication abilities, coupled with positive attitude and creativity.

Furthermore, since the world is undergoing a digital transformation, the demand for technology integration at multiple levels has increased exponentially. Students, irrespective of the courses they are currently enrolled in, need to have a good understanding of emerging technologies.

The government of Telangana and the Department of ITE & C have been working on various initiatives such as the VLSI academy, Blockchain district, Industrial Parks, and others, which will open up numerous entry-level opportunities for the youth. Another focus area for Telangana is AVGC, especially with the Image Towers coming up. TASK, in partnership with some of the best corporates, is bringing courses on technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, UI, UX, Additive Manufacturing, Blockchain, and others, for the benefit of the youth of Telangana.

The post-pandemic economic situation requires the youth to look at entrepreneurship as an option. Telangana, being a frontrunner, has set up a very strong and holistic entrepreneurial ecosystem. We need more youth from the rural areas to become solopreneurs, ecopreneurs, and entrepreneurs, thus becoming employment generators. Social innovation and rural entrepreneurship in healthcare, agri-tech, education, appliances, etc., have tremendous scope in our state. Hence, in addition to skilling with the aim of enhancing employability, TASK is also involved in creating an entrepreneurial mindset in students through innovative programs such as i4TS.

The jobs of the future are on the cusps and are clearly inclined towards cross-disciplinary careers, the need for continuous learning, and periodic reskilling and upskilling, which is in complete alignment with TASK’s future agenda. In order to increase its outreach in the rural area, TASK’s plans of using concepts of virtual learning, satellite, and new media are to watch out for.

I congratulate TASK for the commendable work done in skilling our youth. I also urge our youth to make use of the multiple opportunities provided by TASK to skill themselves. My best wishes to TASK and all its stakeholders for the year ahead.

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